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Dō (pronounced ‘doh’) is the Japanese symbol for ‘way’ or ‘journey’. DōMatcha means ‘The Way of Matcha’. Discovering the way of matcha is a journey well worth taking; a journey that brings people together in celebration of health and the simple beauty of life. We invite you to share in our journey and discover DōMatcha!

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DōMatcha® is 100% authentic Japanese matcha green tea now grown in the southwestern corner of Japan in Kagoshima. We work very closely with our partners who have collectively been in the tea industry for over 700 years, Shohokuen one of our producers


DōMatcha® is cultivated, harvested and processed very carefully every step of the way to keep it fresh and rich in flavor, the Japanese way! Very little machinery is used in the process to assure top quality and to stay true to the ancient roots of Matcha.


DōMatcha® is pure, clean and additive free - and we can prove it! All our Matcha (organic and non-organic) is tested by an independent lab, there is never any detectable residual chemicals from pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, or radiation.