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DōMatcha® Interviews David Lyons of 18Thirtyfour

29 September 2016 Posted in: Interviews

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is David Lyons, today I’m the owner of 18ThirtyFour, a business created to offer education in tea. This education isn’t always the usual classroom format but can be delivered in so many different ways. I believe education can be offered to us in so many forms, through communication, taste and visual stimulation, it’s what

Matcha Expert Interview: Gislinde Bronson of DōMatcha ®

26 November 2015 Posted in: Interviews

Matcha expert Gislinde Bronson is the North American Brand Manager and US Sales Manager for DōMatcha ®. She is in charge of marketing, advertising, events, new product development and launches. Today, she’s sharing her personal interest in matcha and the unique story behind the DōMatcha ® brand.