• DōMatcha® Ceremonial Matcha Organic 30g
    Certified organic by JONA (Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association), this premium, organic ceremonial Matcha is the purest and most sustainable. WINNER! BEST MATCHA 2015 GOLDEN LEAF AWARDS!
  • Matcha Bamboo Whisk
    The DōMatcha ® Bamboo Whisk is the authentic, traditional tool to prepare a perfect cup of Matcha.
  • Matcha Whisk Stand
    The DōMatcha® Whisk Stand extends the life of your Bamboo Whisk and is the perfect place to store the whisk between uses.
  • Matcha Bamboo Scoop
    The wooden matcha scoop is the Japanese tea ceremony's version of a teaspoon! Two scoops with this bamboo "chashaku" equate to about 1/2 teaspoon of matcha.
  • Matcha Ceremonial Bowl Red Soul
    Beautifully decorated by Japanese artists the DōMatcha® ceremonial bowls can be used both for Matcha preparation and as drinking bowls.
  • DōMatcha® Shaker Bottle
    Need your DōMatcha® to go? It's never been easier with our new DōMatcha® Shaker Bottle.
  • Gyokuro Organic Tea Bags

    Highest quality shade grown green tea, similar to Tencha but instead of being stone ground, the leaves are rolled.

  • Sencha Organic Tea Bags

    DōMatcha®'s full sun grown Organic Sencha is steamed, rolled and heat dried.

  • Hojicha Organic Tea Bags

    A blend of high quality green tea leaves, pan-fired and slow roasted in the traditional methods in Kyoto.

  • Genmaicha Organic Tea Bags

    A blend of organic genmai (roasted rice), organic Tencha leaves and organic Matcha, creating an extremely smooth tasting, aromatic green tea with a delightfully nutty flavour.

  • Tencha Organic Tea Bags

    A blend of organic Tencha leaves and Matcha, creating an extremely powerful and smooth tasting green tea.