• Gyokuro Organic Tea Bags

    Highest quality shade grown green tea, similar to Tencha but instead of being stone ground, the leaves are rolled.

  • Sencha Organic Tea Bags

    DōMatcha®'s full sun grown Organic Sencha is steamed, rolled and heat dried.

  • Hojicha Organic Tea Bags

    A blend of high quality green tea leaves, pan-fired and slow roasted in the traditional methods in Kyoto.

  • Genmaicha Organic Tea Bags

    A blend of organic genmai (roasted rice), organic Tencha leaves and organic Matcha, creating an extremely smooth tasting, aromatic green tea with a delightfully nutty flavour.

  • Tencha Organic Tea Bags

    A blend of organic Tencha leaves and Matcha, creating an extremely powerful and smooth tasting green tea.