Tencha Organic Tea Bags

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Tencha Organic Tea Bags

Size: 20 teabags
Servings: Approx. 60 (each teabag makes approx. 3 cups of hot or iced tea).

®'s Organic Tencha uses a proprietary blend of organic Tencha leaves and Matcha, creating an extremely powerful and smooth tasting green tea. Our Organic Tencha is a premium shade grown green tea, similar to Gyokuro but not rolled. It has a surprisingly smooth, and rich flavour. Its high level of L-Theanine creates a calming effect. When compared to wine, Organic Tencha is the premium red wine of tea. Our tetra shaped teabags, made from cornstarch, are used for a premium quality brew, releasing more nutrients and flavour over traditional teabags.

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