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Hi there, my name is Jesse J. I am 25 years old and recently sold my business to go back to school. I just wanted to let you know how amazing your Matcha product is. I will not start a day of homework without it. I swear by your product and I rave about it to everyone I know.



Jesse J.

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My name is Brett Floyd and I am a classical guitarist. I am currently working on my DMA in music performance at the University of South Carolina's School of Music.

I teach and perform a lot and thought I would let you know how your DoMatcha has helped me gain an edge in both rehearsals and performances.

I started drinking real tea about two years ago and quickly found a passion for it. I love the taste and health benefits of high quality loose leaf tea and soon discovered I preferred Japanese green teas - my exploration of which led me to matcha.

I remember my first matcha. It was an amazing rush of calm, focused energy that stayed with me for several hours. It was an energy and focus boost without jitters! The matcha I first purchased (another company) was not so pleasing to drink. It was astringent and sharp. During a trip to Whole Foods, I purchased my first DoMatcha Organic. I had heard of your company and was excited to try your products. I got the same great boost of calm, focused energy, but this time with a creamy, sweet taste! Since then, I buy only DoMatcha Organic, it never disappoints me.

Being a professional musician I am always looking for an edge, so I started drinking DoMatcha before my concerts. It gives me extra energy and attention to play my best. I find DōMatcha® 60 to 90 minutes before a performance gives me the best results. I also drink it before rehearsals.

I believe in DōMatcha® for musicians so much, I wrote an informative article on my website. I think everyone can benefit as I do.

Just wanted to say thanks for a terrific product!

Brett Floyd
Classical Guitarist
South Carolina, USA

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Ingveldur Yr, Icelandic opera singer, says, "I drink DōMatcha® all day long. It keeps me going.

I can also drink it at night, for example, during a performance, and it doesn't disturb my sleep or give me the heart palpitations coffee would!"

Ingveldur Yr

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Christopher Gordon, U.S. professional squash player, drinks DōMatcha® before every training session and tournament for a natural energy boost.

"Being a professional squash player," he says, " I am always looking for a competitive edge. DōMatcha™ gives me that edge by providing me with increased energy levels and better mental focus with its high L-Theanine levels."

"Drinking DōMatcha®, I'm always competing as hard as I can!"

Christopher Gordon on Facebook

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Natalia Toporowska, professional tennis player, took her DōMatcha® on a hike through the Sonoran Mountains in Arizona, while traveling on a tournament!

She said, "I train 2-3 times a day, 6 days a week for my sport and there are times when the thought of getting up in the morning before the sun to run or workout made me want to curl up in a ball and play dead.

Sometimes relying on coffee was the only way to get through those days. I used to be a huge fan of Starbucks lattes and seriously, due to DōMatcha®, I've sworn off Starbucks' products.

I love that DōMatcha® gives me energy and yet keeps me calm at the same time."

Natalia Toporowska

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Orange County California’s Chun-Sheng Wang exudes his passion for life through rigorous training of the Brazilian Capoeira martial art ( www.temjogo.com ) and as a performer and board member of Dance Impressions Productions. Chun takes his DōMatcha™ out into the field to demonstrate his amazing Capoeira moves! DōMatcha® green tea provides extra energy and focus to his training!

Chun-Sheng Wang

Confession of a Matcha Convert

I'd tried green teas. They were always sour, or bland, or as tasteless as dishwater. As for the health benefits, all I'd get was an extra trip to the bathroom. Then I gave in and tried a matcha latte, for scientific interest, for the sake of philosophy, to show that I was open to new things.

As I expected, it tasted green and earthy. That was okay, but would certainly not convert me. Within a few minutes, however, I began to feel clear, clean, and buoyant. Though it was late afternoon and I was tired after a long day of meetings, I felt inspired to take a walk, a long walk, and as I did I thought: Ah ha... as if I'd made a discovery.

And I had.

Grant Buday

Dear DoMatcha,

I have been a coffee drinker for several years now, and I rely on the taste as well as the 'pick me up' it provides every morning. I probably drink between 6 to 8 cups per day. This last weekend, my friend and I tried the regular 30g DōMatcha® and my experience was amazing! That day, not only did I not need any coffee to start my day, I didn't have any ill effects of drinking the DōMatcha®.

I cannot tell you what an amazing feeling it is to know that I'm doing something wonderful for my body, but also that I don't need to push unwanted calories down my throat to start my day.

I will be a DōMatcha® drinker for life!


Jessica H.
Blaine, WA

Hi there. I am a huge DōMatcha® fan and wanted to share something with you guys. We live in Bastrop Texas and had to evacuate our home Sunday due to a devastating wildfire that swept through our neighborhood.

We had about 15 minutes to get out while hearing the sound of our neighbors propane tanks exploding. We gathered all of our pets first - quite a few as we have a farm. After loading the animals and releasing the birds from my aviary, I had a moment to throw a few things in a laundry basket.

I want you to know that my DoMatcha made the list! It's a bit strange, but you never know what you'll do or take in that situation. The tea would be so easy to replace yet still, I grabbed it. I didn't take any clothes or "valuables". Sometimes I think that the small things can be the most precious, and I look forward to "tea time" so much every day.

Anyway, as silly as it sounds to grab a tin of tea while running from a fire, I just wanted you to know.

Many thanks,
Cathy Hewett

As a longtime Matcha green tea fanatic after first trying Matcha in Tokyo years ago, I have looked for the truly top-grade, fresh real Matcha in stores and online for years. I discovered DōMatcha® at a recent opening of Whole Foods, and I immediately knew that I'd finally found the real stuff again, finally! After doing some research on DoMatcha, their sourcing and quality standards, freshness, and overall mission, I'm happy to say that I will be a DoMatcha drinker for life. I actually threw away the remaining two containers of another brand's Matcha that I had been drinking, after doing a direct comparison! There's no comparison. DōMatcha® is clearly the highest-quality, freshest real Matcha from the best tea source in Japan. You can literally feel, see and taste the difference. As my company BrainReady.com is dedicated to helping people fight aging and learn about the latest nutritional discoveries, we have just started recommending DōMatcha® as the one and only Matcha to drink!

Great stuff, thank you to all at DoMatcha!

Paul Sebastien
CEO, BrainReady.com